Identity Verification as a Service

Identity Verification end to end

VeriDocID is the leading solution for ID Verification and digital enrollment, SUMA enables our customer to perform automatic verifications of the physical and logical security features of identity documents such as identity cards and Passport. We can verify more than 13,000 identity documents from more than 250 countries and territories, determining their authenticity almost in real time and comparing against the biometrics of the bearer.  

What you can do with


ID Verification

We verify that the ID that is being checked is valid. It verifies more than 13,000 documents from all over the world including Mexico, USA, Americas, EMEA and APAC IDs and passports.

Verificación de Identidad Biométrica

Biometría Facial con Prueba de vida

Verify that the person's biometrics are the same as the ID's, with iBeta Level 2 certified Liveness.

Captura de huellas dactilares sin contacto

Contactless Fingerprint capture

Capture fingerprints with just a photo of your fingers. Easy, fast and secure.

Listas negras

Consulta De Listas Negras Y Antecedentes Penales

Make sure your customers aren't reported on sanction or watchlist, check their criminal records in seconds. All in one simple integrated step.

Enrolamiento y autenticación

Multibiometric Enrollment

Enroll your customers biometrics only once and verify their identity as many times as necessary with just a selfie.

Consulta de bases de datos

Data Enrichment with Government Databases

Automation and data enrichment. Automatically view public data and get more information from your customers.

Identidad Digital

Digital Identity / OSINT​

Email, phone and IP. We make sure that a person's digital profile is not risky, preventing fraud and completing the KYC process in seconds. 

Utility Services OCR

Automate proof-of-address recognition and data capture.

historial laboral

Employment History

All the labor information that is registered in the IMSS, Employers, Dates of registration and cancellation, Salary. 

historial crediticio

Credit Scoring

Check your customers' credit history in seconds, we have the whole flow ready for user authorization.

Open Banking

Know exactly what your customers are doing with their income and expenses through Open Banking. Automated, Easy and Secure.

Firma electrónica

Firma Electrónica

Verify the identity of the signatories and give legal validity to all your documents with Blockchain.

One Solution, One trusted Identity

True end-to-end digital enrollment with SUMA that offers everything you need to ensure your customer is who they say they are, even if you're never in front of them. we offer electronic signature and ID Verification in a single platform that is easy to integrate so that you can go from enrollment to confirmation of the service without having to hire several providers.

SUMA Benefits
Identity Verification as a Service 

Rápida Implementación

Fast Implementation

Expedite go-to-market with easy integration with your applications, websites, and business processes, or use our ready-to-enroll platform without having to integrate anything.



VeriDocID integrates with websites, android and iOS apps using an API or SDK. 



VeriDocID transmits sensitive data encrypted to secure your customers' information.

tasa de conversión

Better Convertion Rate

Accelerate the remote enrollment of your customers and take your KYC and AML to another level.


VeriDocID has the ability to verify more than 13,000 documents from around the world.


Pay only for what you use and that adapt the workflow to your needs.

You can ask

We have the answers

No, SUMA is 100% modular and you only pay for what you use. 

With SUMA is not expensive to know who is in the other side of the internet. You only pay what you use. We work with diferent sizes of companies. 

In less than a day you can have your website doing checks with our SDK, forget about endless projects to add new functionality.

Our liveness test uses artificial intelligence to ensure there is a person behind the enrollment process and is iBeta Level 2 certified by an independent laboratory.

The service responds immediately and you will be able to enroll customers and know who they are in seconds.

Es un proceso muy fácil para tus clientes, solo tienen que tomar fotos de su documento de identidad y una selfie, algo que ya todos sabemos hacer.

Todo nuestro servicio cuenta con APIs para que puedas hacer una integración completamente transparente, también tenemos SDKs

Es incluso más segura que firmar un documento de forma física, ya que incluye muchos más candados de seguridad como la verificación de identidad, la fecha cierta de la firma y la NOM 151

No solo verificamos documentos y biometrías, automatizamos procesos y generamos mucha información a partir de los documentos de identidad que ayudan a la toma de decisión de las empresas. Claro, También podemos firmar contratos electrónicos de manera 100% legal.

Let the experts at SUMA Mexico show you how easy it is to integrate VeriDocID into your website, mobile or desktop environment and start your experience with the leading solution for Identity Verification as a Service and digital enrollment.